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Two Faiths, One Love - Greater Acceptance For Interfaith Marriages

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Two Faiths, One Love - Greater Acceptance For Interfaith Marriages
By Susanna Stefanachi Macomb

It's Obama time, and there is something wonderful in the air - the celebration of multiculturalism. The fact that more and more couples of different faiths and cultures are intermarrying is undeniable. An estimated one third of today's marriages are mixed unions. Over my 12 plus years as an interfaith minister and counselor for intermarrying couples and their families, I have seen some dramatic changes. I see a greater acceptance of such unions simply for the reason that they are not so novel anymore. The younger generation lives in an interconnected world with less boundaries and greater tolerance. Having said that, the creation of the marriage ceremony still remains a delicate navigational feat. Weddings, after all, are public events. Parents, grandparents, as well as extended family members, are usually considered and often included. Done properly, a ceremony that celebrates a nuptial couple's full heritage is an enlightening, enriching experience for all. It is a ceremony that unifies and does not exclude. It is rooted in respect, and bridged by love.

-Rebeccah and Dhiran, Jewish and Hindu respectively, chose to marry at the U.N. Chapel in NYC for its symbol of multicultural unity. Within the chapel, their florist created a gorgeous combination chuppah/mandap (wedding canopies featured in both traditions) making it colorful as is customary in Hindu


Is The Interracial Marriage More Difficult Than Same Race Marriage?

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Is The Interracial Marriage More Difficult Than Same Race Marriage?
By John Zhang

Many people feel that interracial marriage is very difficult to sustain and therefore more liable to end in divorce than a same race marriage. However, do you think this is correct? If you look at the statistics, you will actually see a larger number of divorces in favor of same race marriages. You would argue here that this would be because there were more same race marriages than otherwise.

Let us compare the possible problems stemming from an interracial marriage as compared to a regular marriage.

The Differences In An Interracial Marriage

It is true that there would be differences in cultures, backgrounds, religions and even language sometimes. However, the same could be true with the same race marriage. Then there is the possibility of facing strong opposition from the families of those who choose to marry interracially. The same would be possible with regular marriages - this is highly accentuated when the societal strata or educational background differs. Lastly, the society in some


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